Because getting to you was expensive

Lighty Electronics is a startup. We have no fame. Nobody knows us if we don’t make ourselves heard – at least in the beginning.

So, in order to reach our customers, we have to buy ads. These ads cost a lot of money per month, so we must put a higher price per single unit.

However, when you buy 2, 3 or more Chargies we can afford to make discounts so that everyone is happy with a better price per unit. 

Remember, we have to pay taxes, an accountant, rent, website maintenance, salaries,  production and research. It’s not easy, but nevertheless beautiful. 

The product you’ll be receiving is the fruit of countless years of learning all sorts of disciplines from math to electrical engineering and microcontroller/Android/iOS/Java programming. Add marketing, website creation and many other technologies like 3D printing and CAD design. 

People usually take these for granted, because they just use the product. And so it should be.

So, don’t be offended if adjust the prices from time to time – this is how we test what you want, so we can give it to you. And because money fuels further innovation and research, we have to balance things out, so that Chargies will get better with each version.

Hope you enjoy our product as much as we did creating it for you.

Ovidiu Sandru 
Lighty Electronics srl

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