Congratulations for getting your new Chargie!
You are now in possession of a unique technology.

Since the beginning of 2019, we’ve been putting a lot of work into the hardware and software of this product and would love to know more about your Chargie experience.

The devices inside the bag have been produced in a professional PCB factory and thoroughly tested by us before shipping.

Lighty Electronics is still a startup with limited resources. Since we can only test our app on real-world devices, your input is greatly appreciated and any feedback is a direct help to future Chargie owners and yourself.

In the unlikely event of any sort of malfunction, please contact us via email first at [email protected], as it’s probably something we can fix. We’re eager to help when it comes to improving our product based on your feedback. Please do that before writing public reviews – no Chargie issue has ever been too big for us.

Phones have different hardware and firmware configuraFons, and there are a few thousand types out there. Please bear with us and rest assured you’ve just contributed to the wellbeing of batteries everywhere.

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