limit phone’s nighttime charging to extend battery lifespan

A regular
smartphone battery
loses up to 20%
of its capacity per year
due to overnight
full charging.

That’s a fact.

I invented


to fix battery life.

a project of
Ovidiu Sandru

founder & CEO
Lighty Gadgets LLC

really smart charging

What is it?

Chargie is
your phone's
overnight charging

It prevents phone battery degradation 
by limiting and delaying full charging
 while you sleep or work.

inspired by electric cars

Controlled supercharging

Just like EVs do.

They run for hundreds of thousands of miles without experiencing major degradation in most cases.

If you own an electric car, you know it’s best not to charge to 100% often, since heat and voltage stress will affect battery health in the long run.

By using Chargie every time you juice up your phone,
your battery will be working properly for a very, very long time,
without needing replacement.
Just like electric cars.

Our firmware and app implement scientific data
and recommendations from battery manufacturers.

short guide to simplicity

How do I use it?

1. Connect Chargie between
your regular charger and phone or wireless charging pad.

2. Get the Chargie app
from Google Play or Apple's App Store.

3. Use the app to connect to Chargie via Bluetooth and set the desired charging level by sliding your finger on the battery icon.

4. Go to sleep.

an actual use case

Chargie works for real people

Robert (Killburn, Australia)

We have kiosk booking devices, which are basically mobile phones,  that we deploy to customers. These phones are on 24/7. Some phones would fail after a number of months with battery issues, due to being constantly on charge.

We now use Chargies on all devices to better manage the charging cycle. This has substantially extended the life of our booking devices.

Fun fact: some people keep stealing Robert’s Chargies (they’re displayed in public places), so he keeps ordering new ones. We feel flattered people take the risk of stealing Chargie devices, but it’s so sad it happens. To anyone involved, please don’t do it any longer, theft is a bad thing.


Scheduled charging control loop

Chargie's "Top Up Scheduler" has the unique ability to keep your phone at a safe state of charge during the night (50 to 70% is best) and only top it up to a value of your choice in the morning, just before you wake up.

This allows you to both protect your battery well by avoiding prolonged high states of charge and still use the phone at its full battery capacity.

It's the most configurable charge scheduler in the world - the only one powered by hardware and its app companion.

heat kills batteries

Overtemperature protection

Sometimes, it's better to just stop charging in high temperature situations, like when using your phone as a navigation device on your car dash in hot summer days.

In such cases, heat degrades the battery's internal structure more than anything and if exposed to heat for a long time, the battery eventually swells and can ruin your phone or explode.

All phones have overtemperature protection,
but the factory threshold is often set too high (50°C / 122°F)

Chargie allows you to set much lower overtemperature thresholds while charging, so you can effectively pamper your battery when possible.

use chargies everywhere

Innovative charger detection

Chargie's closed loop system takes control of the power flow following an algorithm that decreases battery temperature and voltage related stress, throughout the 8 hours of nighttime or prolonged daytime charging while you work.

The app runs in the background and will automatically detect which Chargie you have plugged in to.

You will seamlessly switch between Chargies at home, in your car and office without even thinking about it.

widespread battery protection

Works with Apple and Android devices

Chargie has apps for iOS 13+ and Android 6+. Our test phones are branded Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Pro and iPad 8.

Actually, Chargie will even work with your Watch or any other device that has a battery by using its inbuilt current limiter. You just need to first configure it in the app on your phone or tablet.

for harsher environments

Chargie contains Gold (Au)

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 12.47.06 PM

From now on, Chargies will have a teeny, tiny amount of gold deposited onto every inch of board and its connectors.


This is great because the production process is lead-free, gold doesn’t oxidize and is one of the best treatments for copper.


Production costs are higher, but the overall benefits are worth it. Your Chargies will last much longer in harsher and wetter environments without losing their conducting properties.

thank you, michael

A customer's video review

* depicted model is Chargie Founder Edition. Chargie A and later are even better.

new hardware, better charging

Your feedback was heard

Our newly redesigned app, hardware and firmware
are fully packed with new functionality such as:

The Chargie app normally runs on your smartphone, but now you can limit the charging of any kind of lithium ion battery, or of a phone that’s been shut off. It will cut power at about 90%, based on power measurements done automatically and continually by Chargie’s hardware. 

The new Chargie A GE now has a working mode that does not cut power completely to the phone while it’s not charging, so that it can be used with Android Auto and USB tethering.

You’ll be able to put your Chargie into a mode that turns power on and off according to a prescheduled cycle. This is useful when you have a fixed load and you know exactly how long it will take for the battery to run down to a certain SoC (state of charge).

If your load consumes more power than it should, Chargie automatically cuts it off and restores it as soon as it’s rebooted or within the next scheduled charging cycle. That simple.

Chargie A GE is 25% shorter and 10% thinner than Chargie Founder Edition, which makes it more portable and insertable.

The LED lights in the new Chargie A GE are as important as before, and they indicate the same thing. However, they are now configurable, so when you turn off your phone’s screen the two LEDs turn off automatically, to reduce nighttime light pollution.

why chargie works

The science behind

image (c) Apple

A typical smartphone charges up to 100% and then keeps the battery in that very high state (around 4.35 volts) until the user disconnects from the mains.

Indeed, the battery is protected from thermal runaway by its internal circuitry (it would catch fire otherwise), but the measures taken happen at extreme values, and are not optimized for a long and sustainable battery life.


Holding a 100% charge for many hours at a time induces a voltage- and heat-related stress and damages the internal lithium lattice of the battery, at a molecular level (see reference).

Limiting the charge level below 100% or releasing it once it has topped up has hugely beneficial effects for the lifespan of the battery.

An optimized charging process can take a normal phone battery from 250 cycles to more than 1000, before it shows signs of degradation (tables courtesy of batteryuniversity.com [1]).

This has been well documented by the scientific community. Electric car manufacturers like Tesla already avoid charging to 100% by default. They say it’s fully charged, but it’s actually less. Microsoft has even implemented charge limiting in Surface tablets [1][2], Sony in latest-generation Xperia and Lenovo in laptops. Apple has recently implemented a similar but way less configurable function in iOS 13.

However, most phone manufacturers haven’t and probably never will.

Lithium-ion suffers from stress when exposed to heat, so does keeping a cell at a high charge voltage. A battery dwelling above 30°C (86°F) is considered elevated temperature and for most Li-ion a voltage above 4.10V/cell is deemed as high voltage. Exposing the battery to high temperature and dwelling in a full state-of-charge for an extended time can be more stressful than cycling. Table 3 demonstrates capacity loss as a function of temperature and SoC.


The damage each cycle does to a battery depends on the depth of discharge, time of charge and temperature. Lithium Ion units are very sensitive to depth of discharge and temperature. 

The lower you go, the worse it gets for the battery, because the internal resistance of the cell rises and energy is lost through heat (just like a classic lightbulb). 

Some papers refer to cycles as a continuous charging process from zero to 100%, while others add mini-cycles (like from 30% to 50%) to this equation, but they’re not equal in terms of battery degradation, since five 40-60% cycles don’t do the same harm as one 0-100% cycle and then keeping it fully charged. [1]

Besides limiting the charging process, Chargie’s hysteretic algorithm (see what hysterestic charging is) makes sure that even if you charge to 100%, the process is stopped until the battery discharges down to 95%, and then restarted. This is way less stressful for the battery and dramatically prolongs its lifespan. You can adjust the allowed discharge percentage manually from the app’s Settings menu.

Practically, it is best if you only charge to 90%. If you do so, Chargie will apply the hysteresis you set, and the practice will yield much better results in the long run, from both a battery lifespan and daily usability perspective.

Ideally, the lower the daily charge, the better it is for the battery.

By applying hysteretic charging, the risk of battery swelling and fires is greatly reduced (unless the battery itself has a physical defect). Google this.



Features and Tech

Chargie relies on Bluetooth Low Energy and a powerful 19A electronic switch to deliver current from the charger to the phone, and to stop it when the charge level has reached the desired value.
Here are some of its unique characteristics:

this should set the bar for responsible usage of tech

A Tesla owner's review

Miles Forrest
Miles ForrestTesla owner, ExCeL London customer
Read More
Met the founder Ovidiu at a science fair in Excel London. He knows his stuff and we bought two Chargies. Now I've just got 3 more arrived today in the post from Romania. One for work, home office, kids etc. I use it like I use my Tesla, charge to 80 or 90 most of the time which is fine on a Samsung S10. Only charge to 100 if I'm doing a long day out. I haven't found any other product /app out there which does this.

Thank you, Miles.

Chargie helps you Reuse and Recycle

Since 2015, phone manufacturers glue batteries inside their phones. Apple recently restricted aftermarket battery replacements.

This makes your phone very un-repairable and the electronics industry one of the greatest sources of pollution that’s affecting the health of everyone, including yours and your children.

After you upgrade, donate your old phone to someone in need, who’s not as picky with tech as you are. 

That person may be using it for many years ahead, and will not need to buy a new one! 

use cases

What customers use Chargie for

Business use

Demo phones and tablets in shops usually stay connected to the mains, and that’s what destroys their batteries. After a few months they start swelling or even catch fire, in severe cases.

Chargie automatically ensures the battery is only charged partially, hence the damage will be almost zero and the risk of fire is null. This also increases the resale value of those demo phones.

Phones and tablets are used as surveillance equipment in many cases (like that project that protects forests from illegal tree cutters).

They often run on solar power, but their batteries stay charged to 100% all the time. Hence the risk of swelling, fire and general malfunctioning of the system.

With Chargie, those devices stay charged at 50% and the risk of fire will be zero.


Professional drivers (taxi, Uber, trucks, pizza deliveries) use tablets and phones as navigation systems all the time. They stay charged up for thousands of hours every month, placed in direct sunlight.

Batteries get very hot, very often.
Fully charged lithium ion batteries and high temperatures are a very dangerous combination.

Chargie can do away with all that by limiting the charge to some 50%. This way, battery damage is greatly reduced and the risk of catching fire is eliminated.
Fleet management is on its way to the app soon.

Personal use

Chargie has been designed to protect batteries. Just juice your phone through it and in a few months you will see the difference:

– Your battery life will be like when it was new
– We are working on implementing a Chargie Certification Program, so you can have a higher resale value, should you decide to sell it.
– After you upgrade to a new phone, you can safely give a perfectly working gift to someone in need.
– You can use the same Chargie on your next phone, too.

There have been cases where people who were sleeping with phones under the pillow died, because the battery caught fire, like Nazrin Hassan, last year.

Also, a 14yo girl from Kazakhstan died on Sep.30, 2019, because the phone’s battery under her pillow exploded (news reference).

According to the National Sleep Foundation, studies found that around 45 percent of parents and 30 percent of children sleep with their cellphone or tablet in their bedroom with them, oftentimes leaving the devices turned on and plugged in throughout the night (link here).

With Chargie, those devices can stay charged at 50% and the risk of fire will be zero.

It is therefore very useful to have your charging limited in time and energy. Fire risks will be greatly mitigated.

we deliver, buy with confidence

Verified customer reviews

Service & Warranty

Great warranty

If you use it properly (don’t overload), Chargie should last a lifetime. However, should you have any issues, we’re here to help by repairing or replacing your defective unit, for free, in the first two years.

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with Chargie within 45 days of your order, just return it and ask for a refund.

Important question:

If there was a phone whose battery would give you peace of mind for the next 5 years, 

would you pay extra 
to have it?

For sure.

But that phone doesn’t exist yet.

That's why an affordable solution like Chargie makes perfect sense.

Charge limiting is a feature all devices should have by default.

A healthy battery saves you a lot of money, because it postpones the moment you have to spend it on a new phone. By a lot.

us and the world

Notable customers

All of our customers are notable people, who chose to invest in an original technology and its early stage development.

However, you may have heard about some of them.

Note. We are not affiliated with any of these companies. All of the logos presented herein are trademarks of the respective owners.

Get world's only battery degradation countermeasure.

Enjoyed by more than 17,000 phones so far.

Chargie A

Gold Edition

USB-A, 16V/5A
passthrough data mode
autonomous hardware limiter
multipack options available

early December delivery

Chargie C Basic

(for phones)

USB-C PD compatible, limited to 8W
advanced hardware limiter
scheduled energy injection functionality
improved battery overheating protection.

FREE USB-C cable with your preorder

early December delivery

Worldwide delivery

Free shipping for bulk packs.

Discounted multipack options available.

Pay securely

*VAT is included for EU customers.

*colors may vary. If you have any preferences, please mention them at Checkout

Notice: you are ordering a hardware and software solution.
Although it may look like this is just about the hardware device,
thousands of hours of development and testing
are being invested in the app.

Your purchase directly supports innovation, tooling and the evolution of this project.
Our overall profit is relatively small.

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