limit phone’s nighttime charging to extend battery lifespan

Your Phone's Battery
Loses Capacity
Every Time You
Keep It

All night.
Every night.


- you know them already -

  • Throttled app performance
  • Gradually-increasing frustration
  • Missed calls
  • No power in possibly dangerous situations
  • Expensive repairs
  • Extra power pack to carry around
  • Risk of battery overheating

Meet Chargie.

the first device to

Redefine Phone Charging

Chargie is a USB device that stops phone battery degradation by smartly managing the charging process,
while you sleep.

Simply put, it "pulls the plug" automatically when the charge reaches your desired level, and then restores it a few percentage points lower (hysteresis).

This science-backed technique allows you to enjoy the same battery capacity for your phone’s entire life cycle.

And there’s more.
Read on.

easy as pie

How do I use it?

1. Connect your Chargie between the charger and phone.

2. Install the app

3. Connect to it and slide to set the charging limit in the app.

4. Go to sleep

Chargie is the only device on the market that has the ability to fully manage any phone's charging process without voiding its warranty.

how chargie works

The Science Behind

A regular phone typically charges up to 100% and then keeps the battery in that very high state (around 4.35 volts) until the user pulls the plug. Indeed, the battery is protected from overcharging by its internal circuitry (it would catch fire otherwise), but not in an optimal way.

Actually, the way most phone manufacturers charge their devices’ battery is far from optimal. They just don’t care much about lifespan, since phones are thought to be disposable after the next version gets released.


Why Nighttime Charging is Bad for Your Battery 

Constantly keeping the charge level to 100% every night (trickle charging) induces a voltage-related stress and damages the internal lithium lattice of the battery, at a molecular level.

Limiting charge below 100% or releasing it once it has topped up has hugely beneficial effects for the lifespan of the battery. An optimized charging process can take a normal phone battery from 250 cycles to more than 1000, before it shows signs of degradation (table courtesy of batteryuniversity.com [1]).

This has been well documented by the scientific community. Electric car manufacturers like Tesla already avoid charging to 100% by default. They say it’s fully charged, but it’s actually less. Microsoft has even implemented charge limiting in Surface tablets [1][2], Sony in latest-generation Xperia and Lenovo in laptops. Apple recommends you do not charge your phone fully every night.

Chargie does more than charge limiting

Besides limiting the charging process, Chargie’s hysteretic algorithm (see what hysterestic charging is) makes sure that even if you charge to 100%, the process is stopped until the battery discharges down to 95%, and then restarted. This is way less stressful for the battery and dramatically prolongs its lifespan. You can adjust the allowed discharge percentage manually from the app’s Settings menu.

Practically, it is best if you only charge to 90%. If you do so, Chargie’s default hysteresis is 1%, and will yield much better results in the long run, from both a lifespan and daily usability perspective.

Ideally, the lower the daily charge, the better it is for the battery.

By applying hysteretic charging, the risk of battery swelling and fires is greatly reduced (unless the battery itself has a physical defect). Read more about it on Google.


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Chargie Founder Edition – Red

Researchers recently found out that charging your phone every night to 100% and keeping it this way for 8 hours stresses the battery and shortens its lifespan.

Chargie is the only Bluetooth switch that physically halts the charging process to your chosen value (the lower, the better), so you can actually use your phone for up to 10 years without noticeable battery drop.


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use cases

What Customers Use Chargie For

Private use

Phone lifespan extension

Chargie has been designed to protect batteries. Just juice your phone through it and in a few months you will see the difference:

- Your battery life will be like when it was new
- We are working on implementing a Chargie Certification Program, so you can have a higher resale value, should you decide to sell it.
- After you upgrade to a new phone, you can safely give a perfectly working gift to someone in need.
- You can use the same Chargie on your next phone, too.

Charging safety

There have been cases where people who were sleeping with phones under the pillow died, because the battery caught fire, like Nazrin Hassan, last year.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, studies found that around 45 percent of parents and 30 percent of children sleep with their cellphone or tablet in their bedroom with them, oftentimes leaving the devices turned on and plugged in throughout the night (link here).

With Chargie, those devices stay charged at 50% and the risk of fire will be zero.

It is therefore very useful to have your charging limited in time and energy. Fire risks will be greatly mitigated.

Data storage security

People often keep their data on NAS storage, or their devices connected to routers in their homes.
Chargie's transparent USB connection can help secure your data. Just activate Lamp Mode with Proximity Sense, connect your hard drive through a Chargie stick, and exit the room. Your data will be safe, as the hard drive or USB stick will shut down automatically (and electrically) when your phone is out of range. When you come back, the app will connect seamlessly to Chargie and the data storage will come back to life.

Proximity-activated switch

If you have an LED lamp or a fan that only needs to work while you're at your desk, just connect it through a Chargie and activate "Lamp Switch" and "Sense Proximity" in the app.
When you leave your desk, the switch will turn off automatically. When you get back - you've guessed it.

Business use

Phone kiosks

Demo phones and tablets in shops usually stay connected to the mains, and that destroys their batteries. After a few months they can begin to swell or even catch fire, in severe cases.

Chargie will automatically ensure the battery is only charged partially, hence the damage will be almost zero and the risk of fire is null. This will also increase the resale value of those demo phones.

Surveillance equipment

Phones and tablets are used as surveillance equipment in many cases (like that project that protects forests from illegal tree cutters).

They often run on solar power, but their batteries stay charged to 100% all the time. Hence the risk of swelling, fire and general malfunctioning of the system.

With Chargie, those devices stay charged at 50% and the risk of fire will be zero.

Taxi / professional navigation

Professional drivers (taxi, Uber, trucks, pizza deliveries) use tablets and phones as navigation systems all the time. They stay charged up for thousands of hours every month, placed in direct sunlight.

Batteries get very hot, very often.
Fully charged lithium ion batteries and high temperatures are a very dangerous combination.

Chargie can do away with all that by limiting the charge to some 50%. This way, battery damage is greatly reduced and the risk of catching fire is eliminated.
Fleet management is on its way to the app soon.

USB chain security

If you need two or more persons to activate a hidden and locked USB device, just daisy chain two or more Chargies.

The USB device will not come online unless everyone is in the room.


Features and Tech

Chargie relies on Android, Bluetooth and a powerful 4.8A electronic switch to deliver current from the charger to the phone, and to stop it when the charge level has reached the desired value.

Here are some of its unique characteristics: 


What Actual Customers Say

- you can check these reviews are real by visiting the Google Play app page -

Service & Warranty

Great Warranty

If you use it properly (don’t overload), Chargie will last a lifetime. However, should you have any issues, we’re here to help by repairing or replacing your defective unit, for free, in the first two years.

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with Chargie within 30 days, just ask for a refund.

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Message from the founder

Building something from scratch is not an easy thing.

You don’t really know what it’s going to look like, how it’s going to behave, what the real challenges are, but that’s the game.

No matter how much you think you know about your product, truth is you only have an idea about it.

Your product grows up with you, takes you back and forth, left and right. It hits you against the wall and then comes back even better, each time.

That’s why creativity and entrepreneurship are embraced by a few crazy ones who either have the guts or the unconsciousness to pursue their lifelong dreams at the risk of everything. 

Money is just a tool for them, anyway.

Ovidiu Sandru, founder
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