The Phone Charge Limiter that Saves Batteries

Your Phone Battery Loses Capacity Every Time You Keep It Fully Charged.

All night.
Every night.


  • Gradually-increasing frustration
  • Missed calls
  • No battery in possibly dangerous situations
  • Expensive Battery Repairs
  • Lost business
  • Extra power pack to carry around
  • Big carbon footprint


redefining phone charging

What is Chargie?

Chargie is a USB device that stops phone battery degradation by automatically limiting charging at your desired level, while you sleep.

simple is magic

How Do I Use It?

1. Connect the Chargie USB stick between your charger and phone.

2. Install the app on your phone

3. Connect to your Chargie.

4. Go to sleep

The hardware and software will seamlessly communicate through Bluetooth and will cut charge at the level you select by dragging the slider in the app.

Effect: the lifespan of your battery will be hugely extended.

Even if you choose to charge to 100%, our hysteresis algorithm performs an optimized, stress-free charge for both long term battery life and daily phone usability. 

No root access needed, because power gets cut off externally.


Chargie is the only system on the market that can do this.

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Chargie – the phone charge limiter – Founder Edition – Blue

Researchers recently found out that charging your phone every night to 100% and keeping it this way for 8 hours stresses the battery and shortens its lifespan.

Chargie is the only Bluetooth switch that physically halts the charging process to your chosen value (the lower, the better), so you can actually use your phone for up to 10 years without noticeable battery drop.



working principles

The Science Behind

Charging a battery is more or less like compressing a spring – the more you push it every time to the maximum, the more deformation you introduce and the spring will cease to do its normal route after a while.

This table, courtesy of Battery University, shows the direct link between discharge cycles and the voltage that your phone takes the battery to when charging.

Battery expert company Cadex says that keeping a lithium ion battery fully charged and at high temperature is even worse than cycling it (going from zero to 100%).

The idea that limiting the charge to 90% (even 95%) can actually skyrocket the  battery lifespan is one of the most exciting facts since the discovery of the lithium ion chemistry itself. 

You can reduce the need for discarding the phone or performing expensive repairs to it and also avoid significant downtime. Having it perform as new for many years to come is also exciting for the next person using it. 

And this is also a win for the planet, since you will be prolonging the lifetime of an object, which will not go to recycling or worse, to a landfill (which happens realistically in most situations). Extending the life of a battery is a very, very green thing to do.

Proximity-activated Lamp Mode

Besides protecting the charging of your phone, Chargie can also turn on your USB lamp when you enter the room, or just about any other device powered by a USB socket.
Lamp mode


Features and Tech

Chargie relies on Android, Bluetooth and a powerful 4.8A electronic switch to deliver current from the charger to the phone, and to stop it when the charge level has reached the desired value.

Here are some of its unique characteristics: 

where chargie is useful

Use Cases



Phone battery protection

Chargie has been designed with private users in mind. Just charge your phone through it and it will keep it at a steady and healthy level of your choice. Battery lifespan will be far greater.

Data storage security

People often keep their data on NAS storage, or their devices connected to routers in their homes.
Chargie's transparent USB connection can help secure your data. Just activate Lamp Mode with Proximity Sense, connect your hard drive through a Chargie stick, and exit the room. Your data will be safe, as the hard drive or USB stick will shut down automatically (and electrically) when your phone is out of range. When you come back, the app will connect seamlessly to Chargie and the data storage will come back to life.

Daisy chain security

If you need two or more persons to activate a hidden and locked USB device, just daisy chain two or more Chargies. The USB device will not come online unless everyone is in the room.

Phone kiosks

Demo phones and tablets in shops usually stay connected to the mains, and that destroys their batteries. After a few months they can begin swelling or even catch fire, in severe cases.
Chargie will automatically ensure the battery is only charged halfway (40 to 60%), hence the damage will be almost zero and the risk of fire is null.

Surveillance equipment

Phones and tablets are used as surveillance equipment in many cases (like that project that protects forests from illegal tree cutters). They often run on solar power, but their batteries stay charged to 100% all the time. Hence the risk of swelling, fire and general malfunctioning of the system. With Chargie, those devices stay charged at 50% and the risk of fire will be zero.

Professional navigation

Professional drivers use navigation systems all the time. They stay charged up for thousands of hours every month, placed in direct sunlight. Batteries get very hot, very often.
Fully charged lithium ion batteries and high temperatures are a very dangerous combination. Chargie can do away with all that by limiting the charge to some 50%. This way, battery damage is greatly reduced and the risk of catching fire is eliminated.


What Real Users Say

"The product is a great idea! I'm tired of replacing batteries because of wearing them out by charging them to 100% all the time. No one is currently doing what you're doing - other solutions all require rooting the phone, or things like WiFi smart plugs and IFTT."
Mark McKenzie
Engineer, UK
"Did some research on the internet. There are a lot of "experts" out. Fact is overcharging to a too high voltage and heat are the Li Batteries enemies. Modern devices are somewhat protected against overcharging but your Chargie is the only device I found which do it right."
Georg Macku
Maker, Austria
"Works like a Mercedes. Thank you very much"
Prinz Ferdinand
Maker Faire Customer, Austria

Service & Warranty

Lifetime warranty

If you use it properly (don’t overload), Chargie will last a lifetime. However, should you have any issues, we’re here to help by repairing or replacing your defective unit.

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with Chargie within 30 days, just ask for a refund. You can keep and test it further, for free.

Made in Europe

*if ordered during a weekday (Mon-Fri, 8am – 3pm EEST), except local legal holidays

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