For the time being, Chargie only works with Android. We have plans to soon release the iOS app too.

No. And water shouldn’t even be near high-voltage power outlets. We strongly discourage the usage of Chargie in an environment with more than 80% humidity. 

Chargie does not contain any type of battery. It just forwards data and power lines in a USB cable from the power source to the smartphone. The only moment in which Chargie intervenes on the charging process is when it has to interrupt it, as instructed by the user.

No. It just switches the power connection on and off, as needed.

In the current version, Chargie does not measure currents or voltages. The only way it can know when to stop charging is to use the app on your smartphone.

Also, if for some reason you don’t have the app installed or running, the Chargie stick’s default state is open, so it acts just like a simple cable.

Chargie Founder Edition’s casing is made from PLA, which is a corn-based substitute to petrol-derived plastic. We strive to make our products from materials that are as eco-friendly as possible, since being green is one of our biggest aims with this device. PLA is still not biodegradable under normal conditions, but because it’s made out of renewable resources makes it less harmful for the environment than petrol-based ABS.

The power MOSFET transistor used in Chargie can take up to 30 volts and 4.8 Amperes. Any value beyond that can and will ruin the switch and void your warranty. If you only use Chargie to power up your phone with the original charger, you should be good for an indefinite period of time.

Depending on the delivery address and the carrier used, shipping costs from nothing to a few euros inside the EU.

For remote destinations, pricing changes according to the carrier. Please refer to the Checkout page to find out how much you’ll pay for shipping.

We accept Paypal and all other major credit card providers through our partners’ secure payout gateway.

Depending on the carrier, it may take from a couple of days to a week.

The Chargie shop uses an industry-standard security system in what regards the connection between our server and your computer. Your data is protected and not kept on our servers. We just transfer it to our payment processor.

Yes, an invoice and warranty certificate will be issued automatically. Companies with a valid EU VAT code can benefit from reverse taxation.

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