We’re live and kicking with this product since May 2019. We have development going on and our company, Lighty Electronics SRL (RO35245011) is legally incorporated and paying taxes in Romania, which is an EU country. Take a look at our Google Play page (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ble.chargie) to see other users’ feedback on our work. We ship fast via DHL (1-3 days anywhere in the world), or by regular post – takes longer but costs nothing to cheap.

Chargers are as smart as their manufacturers want them to be. Obviously, when you wake up in the morning the phone is still at 100% which means the charger didn’t do any charge limiting on your battery. If the battery is also a bit warm, they also didn’t do any proper temperature protection either. So short answer is no, chargers are not that smart. They’re only designed to protect batteries from extreme conditions like fires.

Yes, there is an iOS app. You can preview its functions even before you have the Chargie device, here: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/chargie-phone-charge-limiter/id1559014917

No. And water shouldn’t even be near high-voltage power outlets. We strongly discourage the usage of Chargie in an environment with more than 80% humidity. 

Chargie does not contain any type of battery. It just forwards data and power lines in a USB cable from the power source to the smartphone. The only moment in which Chargie intervenes on the charging process is when it has to interrupt it, as instructed by the user.

There’s no point in controlling current. That is a function of the phone and is done according to many parameters that only the internal phone electronics have access to.
Chargie only switches power on and off according to temperature, state of charge and scheduling. It’s enough. 

Of course, there may be a slight current drop but it’s due to the extra contact points added by the Chargie device. However, starting with Chargie A GE, all connectors and internal traces are gold-treated, so that the power loss is minimal. 

There may be another case where your charger is PD (Power Delivery) but you have a Chargie A device. Since USB 2.0 is not compatible with PD, you may only see charging currents of about 1.4 – 2.7A, but that’s good. High currents damage the battery quicker due to heat production.

Starting with Chargie A, all of our devices carry current-measuring capabilities. Chargie Founder Edition did not. 

You can use the Hardware Limiter function in the Chargie app to set up the power threshold at which the Chargie device will cut off charging by itself, without needing the app. 

This will make it usable with all kinds of batteries or battery-powered devices, not just phones. So, for example, if you have a mobile speaker that’s sitting plugged in all day you may use the Hardware Limiter function in the Chargie app to cut off at, say, 2W, and check if it still needs charging every 2 to 6 hours.

Chargie’s casing is made from 3D-printed resin. We strive to make our products from materials that are as eco-friendly as possible, since being green is one of our biggest aims with this device. 

Chargie can be powered up at 16 Volts and 10 Amps. Practical values used in phone charging won’t reach those values. Anything beyond that can and will ruin the device and will void your warranty. Chargie logs maximum usage limits all the time. If you only use it to charge up your phone with a suited charger, you should be good for an indefinite period of time.

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If you need an invoice for your company, please find it here: https://chargie.org/get-your-invoice/

We are working on a 100W USB-C PD Chargie hardware version. It it primarily targeted at MacBooks and Windows/Linux machines.

The two are basically the same as a working principle. The C variant deals with PD chargers and makes them limit power to some 8W. Chargie A only has USB-A connectors and is better suited for older phones whose power bricks have such connectors themselves.

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Chargie is a smart charging device designed to extend the lifespan of your phone's battery by limiting overnight charging.

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