1. Packages containing the purchased products will be shipped either via regular post with or without tracking number or via express courier (DHL, FedEx, TNT and others).

2. Regular post shipping happens twice a week, regularly on Monday and Thursday. 

3. Express courier shipping is regularly done within 24 hours of payment.

4. We assume no responsibility over how the carrier will manage your package. The envelopes/boxes containing your products are bubble-padded and insured against opening without leaving marks. If, during transport, they have been opened, lost or damaged, we will re-ship the products through a different carrier.

5. As a general rule, if the order value is higher than USD 50 (or equivalent value in your currency), we advise using an express courier like DHL, to ensure the safety of your property.

6. Exceptions to the shipping rules presented earlier at points 2 and 3 can happen without prior notification. Lighty Electronics, however, assumes that, if the product is in stock, it should be shipped with a maximum of one week of delay. If you backorder your product, the ordering time will be increased with the amount necessary so that the new product can be safely packaged and sent to the customer, not exceeding 15 working days.

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