Why Slow Charging is Essential for Your Smartphone’s Battery Health

Smartphones are indispensable, but frequent charging degrades battery health, shortening device lifespan. Enter Chargie, a revolutionary tool designed to extend your battery’s life significantly. Unlike standard charging, which prioritizes speed over health, Chargie introduces a smarter approach, focusing on longevity and sustainability.

The Downside of Fast Charging

Fast charging may seem convenient, but it increases heat and stress on the battery, accelerating wear and reducing its lifespan. This trade-off between speed and longevity is a compromise many are unaware they’re making.

Chargie’s Approach: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Chargie’s technology offers a solution: slow, controlled charging. By managing the charging process to minimize heat generation, Chargie ensures your battery is charged gently, preserving its capacity and extending its lifespan. This method is proven more effective than the aggressive strategies employed by most built-in phone chargers.

Real Results: Extend Your Battery Life

Chargie isn’t just theory. Users report substantial improvements in battery health and longevity. One user shared, “After using Chargie, my phone’s battery health stayed above 90% after two years, a noticeable difference compared to rapid declines from standard charging.”

Why Chargie Stands Out

  • Compatibility: Works with any USB-powered device, offering versatility beyond smartphones.
  • Precision: Allows setting specific charging thresholds, adapting to your lifestyle and charging needs.
  • Sustainability: By doubling the battery’s lifespan, Chargie reduces the need for replacements, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Make the Smart Choice for Your Smartphone

Chargie represents more than just a charging device; it’s a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and maximizing the potential of your smartphone. By choosing Chargie, you’re not only investing in the longevity of your device but also in a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand. Equip your phone with Chargie and keep your smartphone’s battery healthy, longer.

Preserve your phone’s lifeline. Choose Chargie.


50,000 Chargie devices: How Much CO2 was saved?

In today’s world, our smartphones are almost like extensions of ourselves. But, have you ever stopped to think about the environmental impact of these indispensable gadgets? Producing just one smartphone can emit around 55 kg of CO2. With billions in use, that adds up fast, making it clear we need smarter solutions.

That’s where Chargie comes in. More than just a gadget, Chargie is our pledge to do better for our planet. By optimizing how and when your phone charges, it doesn’t just extend your battery’s life—it plays a part in cutting down the need for new phones and, with that, the hefty carbon footprint that comes from making them.

Here’s the scoop: by using Chargie, you could help your phone’s battery last up to 4 years. This means fewer phones tossed out, less demand for new ones, and a big win for the environment. Imagine the impact if 50,000 of us used Chargie. We’re talking about saving around 5,500 metric tons of CO2. That’s like taking over 1,200 cars off the road for a whole year! Chargie’s manufacturing simplicity made it very environmentally sound, as the whole production process emitted just a little over 2kg of CO2 per device in 2024.

But it’s not just about the numbers. It’s about making choices that are good for our world. Chargie isn’t just a product; it’s a statement. A statement that says we care about our planet and we’re ready to take action, even in the smallest of ways.

So, let’s charge towards a greener future together. Every little bit helps, and with Chargie, you’re not just charging your phone—you’re powering change. Join us, and let’s make a real difference, one charge at a time.

Visit our shop https://chargie.org/chargie-shop to get a device at a discounted price.

When Nokia Labs Met Chargie: A Tale of a Bulging Battery and an Unexpected Hero

Here’s a Nokia 8.3 phone with its case popping off like an overfilled suitcase. The battery inside is looking like it’s ready to burst out. This particular phone comes straight from our friends over at Nokia Labs, the tech wizards who once were the #1 phone makers. Now phonemaking is not their #1 priority anymore, but they excel at other areas of mobile innovation, like 5G network development.

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iPhone Battery Life: How Chargie Pays for Itself in Only 29 Days


As an iPhone owner, you’re no stranger to the frustration of battery degradation, especially when it affects your overall user experience or forces you to replace your device sooner than you’d like. Chargie, our overnight charging limiter, significantly slows down battery degradation, helping you get the most out of your iPhone’s battery life. In this article, we’ll dive into realistic best and worst-case scenarios and crunch the numbers to demonstrate how much you could potentially save by using Chargie.

Best-Case Scenario:

Let’s start with a scenario where an iPhone user experiences relatively minor battery degradation (10% per year). Without Chargie, the battery will lose 10% capacity each year. Assuming that you would consider replacing your $1500 iPhone when the battery capacity drops below 50%:

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Why Battery Health is a Personal Safety Issue

As smartphones become an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, it is crucial to ensure that we have a fully charged and healthy phone battery at all times. A healthy phone battery is not only necessary for staying connected to the outside world, but it can also play a vital role in our safety and well-being.

One of the most obvious reasons why a healthy phone battery is essential for our safety is that it allows us to call for help in an emergency. Whether it’s calling 911 or a loved one, having a dead phone can be a terrifying and potentially dangerous situation. In the event of a car accident, medical emergency, or other crisis, having a charged phone can be the difference between getting assistance and being stranded without help.

However, a healthy phone battery is also important in other emergency situations. For example, if there is a natural disaster or other emergency situation in your area, having a charged phone can help you stay connected to the outside world and get important updates and information. This can be especially crucial if you are in an unfamiliar location or are unable to access television or radio.

A healthy phone battery is also important when you are out and about in general. If your phone dies while you are in an unfamiliar place, it can be challenging to find your way back home or get in touch with loved ones. GPS and map apps can be invaluable in these situations, but they are useless if your phone is dead.

Additionally, a healthy phone battery is essential for staying in touch with loved ones and friends. Whether you’re checking in with family members or receiving important messages from friends, having a dead phone can make it difficult to stay connected to the people you care about.

So, how can you ensure that your phone battery stays healthy and charged? One solution is to use Chargie, a phone charging limiter. Chargie helps you maintain a healthy phone battery by limiting the amount of time you spend charging your phone. By reducing the amount of time your phone spends plugged in, Chargie helps to prevent overcharging and can extend the life of your phone battery. This way, you can be sure that your phone is always ready for use when you need it most.

In summary, a healthy phone battery is crucial for our safety and well-being in a variety of situations. Whether we need to call for help, stay connected to the outside world in an emergency, find our way home, or stay in touch with loved ones, a charged phone can make all the difference. By using a product like Chargie, we can ensure that our phone batteries stay healthy and charged at all times, giving us the peace of mind and security we need to navigate the world around us.

You can order yours here: https://chargie.org/shop.

My iPhone 13 Pro’s Battery Capacity After 8½ Months of Regular Usage

Three years ago, I had no idea what Chargie was going to become – world’s #1 phone battery protection system. I knew the basic principles of charge limiting and the positive outcomes it has on battery health, but at that point in 2019 they were only theoretical, or based on what others had studied.

Now, there are over 27,000 Chargie devices out there and countless testimonials of people using it and telling us (publicly or over email) how Chargie had changed the entire course of their battery life and how it saved them money, time and effort.

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How to Automatically and Immediately Start the Chargie app on iOS devices

For those of you who’ve been using the Chargie app on iOS, you know that there’s a 15-minute delay from the moment you plug it in to the moment the Chargie device actually starts managing the connection. Sometimes it’s shorter, sometimes it’s longer. But that’s the way it was until today.

Generally, this works out just fine – the phone is going to stay connected to the charger for more than that. And it generally works well if you don’t want the app to show up every time you plug your phone.

But today I received an email from Chargie user Dirk in Germany who found out another way of starting the Chargie app by using the automations present in iOS’s Shortcuts app.

I won’t embed any screenshots except for the Shortcuts app because they’d clutter the post a lot. The following guide is pretty straightforward (adapted from Dirk’s email):

– open the Shortcuts app

– go to Automation (in the middle at the bottom)

– click on “+” in the upper right corner

– select “Create Personal Automation”

– scroll down and tap on “Charger”

– “When charger is attached” (left side) should be selected

– press “Next” in the upper right corner

– select “Is Connected”, then Next

– select “Add Action”

– select “Scripting”

– select “Open App”

– tap on the word “App” in the “open app” text field

– select “Chargie – phone charge limiter”

– click on “Next” in the upper right

– deselect “Ask before running”

– click on “Done” in the upper right

This way, every time you plug your phone, the Chargie app gets brought up to the front and the connection is immediate.

Thank you, Dirk Drews (https://dirk-drews.de), for the tip, and hope you have a wonderful time with your Chargie device!

Chargie v.1.1.0 for iOS Brings New Functionality

Chargie V1.1.0 for iOS is ready for download in the App Store!

New functionality was introduced and lots of bug fixes.

Revamped Hardware Limiter menu.

Now it has icons and more interactive menus that are pretty self-explanatory. Suggestions are welcome.

Power Injection capability

This new function is something no phone has: you can basically inject a certain amount of energy measured in watt-hours, just like in electric cars. So if you have a battery that you know has 3Wh you can inject 2.5Wh and it will get protected. The function was supported in firmware starting with units made in November.

Watt-Hours counting

You can use this to see how much energy goes into your battery. Just use the menu to reset the counter and see how much it gains from 20% to 80%, for example. Then you can use that figure to charge it. This function is still experimental, please report if it’s very useful. Any suggestions are welcome to [email protected] or on the group.

Charging Scheduler

Use this to manually schedule the phone’s charging process. Attention, you have to input the starting time, not the time you want you battery topped up at.

Improved physical connection detection

Some wireless charging pads had big delays in turning on and off, this has been addressed + many other smaller issues reported by users in the past few months.

Again, this project is evolving due to your continuous input. We wholeheartedly receive any constructive ideas and bug reports.

Thank you all!

Ovidiu & team

When you SHOULD let your phone battery charge to 100%

For the past three years, I’ve been preaching to people to not fully charge their phones, or do it as rarely as possible. Well, all this time it seemed obvious to me (and some other battery-obsessed freaks) that you also shouldn’t let your phone discharge to 0, because it also causes harm to the battery (maybe even more than briefly letting it go to full).

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The New Chargie C, Fast Charging and Battery Degradation

One of the best perks modern society has is the instant fulfillment of everything: one-hour home delivery, home office, ultra-fast charging of batteries of devices ranging from smart watches and phones to electric cars.

picture (c) techadvisor

Electric cars and phones are not much alike, when it comes to battery management. The first have huge battery capacities and don’t ever fully charge nor discharge, have complex management and cooling systems, while the latter are mostly glass slabs with huge processing power and no cooling. What’s even worse is that they’re most of the time covered in a heat-insulating plastic cover. Why is that worse? It’s not for the phone’s aesthetics, obviously, but for the battery.

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Chargie is a smart charging device designed to extend the lifespan of your phone's battery by limiting overnight charging.

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