Why Battery Health is a Personal Safety Issue

As smartphones become an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, it is crucial to ensure that we have a fully charged and healthy phone battery at all times. A healthy phone battery is not only necessary for staying connected to the outside world, but it can also play a vital role in our safety and well-being.

One of the most obvious reasons why a healthy phone battery is essential for our safety is that it allows us to call for help in an emergency. Whether it’s calling 911 or a loved one, having a dead phone can be a terrifying and potentially dangerous situation. In the event of a car accident, medical emergency, or other crisis, having a charged phone can be the difference between getting assistance and being stranded without help.

However, a healthy phone battery is also important in other emergency situations. For example, if there is a natural disaster or other emergency situation in your area, having a charged phone can help you stay connected to the outside world and get important updates and information. This can be especially crucial if you are in an unfamiliar location or are unable to access television or radio.

A healthy phone battery is also important when you are out and about in general. If your phone dies while you are in an unfamiliar place, it can be challenging to find your way back home or get in touch with loved ones. GPS and map apps can be invaluable in these situations, but they are useless if your phone is dead.

Additionally, a healthy phone battery is essential for staying in touch with loved ones and friends. Whether you’re checking in with family members or receiving important messages from friends, having a dead phone can make it difficult to stay connected to the people you care about.

So, how can you ensure that your phone battery stays healthy and charged? One solution is to use Chargie, a phone charging limiter. Chargie helps you maintain a healthy phone battery by limiting the amount of time you spend charging your phone. By reducing the amount of time your phone spends plugged in, Chargie helps to prevent overcharging and can extend the life of your phone battery. This way, you can be sure that your phone is always ready for use when you need it most.

In summary, a healthy phone battery is crucial for our safety and well-being in a variety of situations. Whether we need to call for help, stay connected to the outside world in an emergency, find our way home, or stay in touch with loved ones, a charged phone can make all the difference. By using a product like Chargie, we can ensure that our phone batteries stay healthy and charged at all times, giving us the peace of mind and security we need to navigate the world around us.

You can order yours here: https://chargie.org/shop.

The Link Between COVID-19 and Phone Batteries

We all talk about it – there’s no point explaining what hit us earlier this year. Now, the latest version of Coronavirus is more popular than Coca Cola and Pepsi combined.

Viruses are basically pieces of software, or code – if you prefer. They run on our energy and mess with our intricate network of cells.

The world is nevertheless a complex place these days – any disruption in a supply chain can break a lot of connections. Just like our own cells, we are part of a global organism that needs us to function in order to survive.

Technology is the latest tool we have, the information it spreads is a continued contribution to many saved lives during this crisis. But information needs power to get through.

And this brings me to the topic I wanted to touch: batteries – our gadgets’ energy storage.

Crises like this brutally remind us how precious what we already own is, and at the same time how worthless everything is if we’re too sick to use it – as individuals or as the entire planet.

Batteries will also get more expensive, that’s for sure.

In a normal world, like the one only two months ago, even if you don’t care about things like sustainability, environment, pollution etc, you can been just fine for a while – you have your share of the pie that you can buy anything with – anytime, anyplace.

But – we don’t live in a normal world right now. What we have today is possibly what we’ll be having in a year, if the prophecies about an upcoming recession are true. So we must take care of our stuff and the environment, while it still works.

Charging your phone or laptop battery partially (manually or through Chargie) is one thing you can do to save your pocket technology.

Chargie only protects Android phone batteries for the time being, but in the very near future we’ll be releasing a 100W version that also works on laptops and iPhones, so our most expensive investments in technology can be work well for the foreseeable future.

A good battery may be key to your future professional success. In times like these, protecting what you have is no longer a virtue or a fad, like last year, but a necessity.

We need energy and real information to fight this crisis just like the virus needs our energy to replicate. It’s a 1:1 war we’re going to win only if we’re mindful with our resources – now and forever.

I created and spread Chargie devices on a full time basis now – yet relatively few people understand the need for taking care of their batteries. Chargie now represents a big chunk of my life and I am working continually to make it better each day.

Visit https://chargie.org to read more about Chargie and maybe purchase a pack to support this project and your phone.

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Chargie and wireless chargers

Wireless chargers have been widely adopted lately due to their ability to ease the charging process.

They’re useful, but nevertheless much more power inefficient because the inductive method used loses power through… heat.

And heat is the worst enemy when we talk about battery longevity. If you introduce heat in the equation of a battery’s lifespan, you will slash a good deal of that phone’s life.

That’s why I don’t normally recommend wireless chargers, but…

Since you’re using a Chargie, part of that heat gets dissipated through the fact that Chargie monitors battery temperature constantly and you can set it to charge only when the battery isn’t warm.

Even more, because Chargie’s allowed discharge property in Settings, the battery gets to cool down before receiving a final shot of power in the morning.

These actions, overall, will greatly improve the lifespan of a battery subjected to wireless charging.

Starting with version 1.19.00, Chargie now has a “Using wireless charging” option and a configurable delay. You can play with that to accommodate any type of charger and the connection delays it introduces while the autoconnect function is doing its thing, when you put the phone on the charging pad.

Get your Chargie at https://chargie.org. You might as well get a very discounted Family Pack, so all your current and future phones are protected against premature battery aging.

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