Chargie v.1.1.0 for iOS Brings New Functionality

Chargie V1.1.0 for iOS is ready for download in the App Store!

New functionality was introduced and lots of bug fixes.

Revamped Hardware Limiter menu.

Now it has icons and more interactive menus that are pretty self-explanatory. Suggestions are welcome.

Power Injection capability

This new function is something no phone has: you can basically inject a certain amount of energy measured in watt-hours, just like in electric cars. So if you have a battery that you know has 3Wh you can inject 2.5Wh and it will get protected. The function was supported in firmware starting with units made in November.

Watt-Hours counting

You can use this to see how much energy goes into your battery. Just use the menu to reset the counter and see how much it gains from 20% to 80%, for example. Then you can use that figure to charge it. This function is still experimental, please report if it’s very useful. Any suggestions are welcome to [email protected] or on the group.

Charging Scheduler

Use this to manually schedule the phone’s charging process. Attention, you have to input the starting time, not the time you want you battery topped up at.

Improved physical connection detection

Some wireless charging pads had big delays in turning on and off, this has been addressed + many other smaller issues reported by users in the past few months.

Again, this project is evolving due to your continuous input. We wholeheartedly receive any constructive ideas and bug reports.

Thank you all!

Ovidiu & team


    1. Chargie C is generally for phones and low power devices, while Chargie C for Laptops will be a high powered device (up to 100W). We’re still working on the second and will announce it when time comes sometime later in June.

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