iPhone Battery Life: How Chargie Pays for Itself in Only 29 Days


As an iPhone owner, you’re no stranger to the frustration of battery degradation, especially when it affects your overall user experience or forces you to replace your device sooner than you’d like. Chargie, our overnight charging limiter, significantly slows down battery degradation, helping you get the most out of your iPhone’s battery life. In this article, we’ll dive into realistic best and worst-case scenarios and crunch the numbers to demonstrate how much you could potentially save by using Chargie.

Best-Case Scenario:

Let’s start with a scenario where an iPhone user experiences relatively minor battery degradation (10% per year). Without Chargie, the battery will lose 10% capacity each year. Assuming that you would consider replacing your $1500 iPhone when the battery capacity drops below 50%:

  • 100% (original capacity) – 50% (replacement point) = 50% (total capacity loss)
  • 50% / 10% per year = 5 years

With Chargie, we can assume that battery degradation slows down to just 1% per year. In this case:

  • 100% (original capacity) – 50% (replacement point) = 50% (total capacity loss)
  • 50% / 1% per year = 50 years

While it’s highly unlikely that you’d use an iPhone for 50 years, this example illustrates Chargie’s potential to extend your iPhone’s battery life considerably.

Worst-Case Scenario:

Now, let’s look at a worst-case scenario where an iPhone user experiences rapid battery degradation, losing 15% capacity in the first 2 years and reaching 70% capacity by the third or fourth year. Without Chargie, you’d likely replace your iPhone around year 3 or 4 due to subpar battery performance.

With Chargie, battery degradation could be slowed down significantly to just 1% per year, as proven by our real-life tests performed on an iPhone 13 Pro, charged with a Chargie every night, that has been purchased in November 2021, versus an iPhone 12 and an older iPhone 6s that had a battery replacement done already.

The iPhone 13 Pro’s battery capacity only reached 99% capacity in early March 2023, after 17 months of continuous and heavy usage, while the others’ that didn’t use Chargie at all were at 85% and 80% respectively. Assuming that an iPhone is usable for up to 10 years (there are people still using their iPhone 5/5s/6 devices), using Chargie could extend your device’s usable lifespan by at least 6.5 years compared to the worst-case scenario without it.

To figure out how long it takes to recover the $35 investment in Chargie, we can divide the investment by the cost of replacing the iPhone per year:

  • $35 (Chargie cost) / $428.57 per year (iPhone replacement cost per year) ≈ 0.0816 years

In this case, you’d recover your $35 investment in Chargie in about 0.0816 years, or approximately 29.78 days. Given the cost of replacing an iPhone or its battery, the potential savings from using Chargie are significant. Even if your iPhone cost half, the investment recovery time would probably be around 2 months, which is still a great deal and would also apply for cheaper Android phones, too.

Considering the fact that iPhones’ prices get higher with each yearly iteration, the recovery time can be even shorter.


Chargie offers a valuable solution for iPhone users aiming to extend their device’s battery life and combat battery degradation. As demonstrated through detailed calculations, both in best and worst-case scenarios, Chargie proves to be a smart investment, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on device replacements or battery changes. By incorporating a charging limiter like Chargie into your routine, you can ensure that your iPhone stays functional for longer, allowing you to maximize your return on investment and get the most out of your device. Get your Chargie today and start not losing as much money on your iPhone as you thought you would.

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  1. I am a user of Chargie for a long time and I must say that the device is probably the second best solution for extending the battery life of our phones. I would consider the ultimate option an app that is part of the phone which does exactly what Chargie does, without the need for an external device. This should be possible, but for most phones that I had this didn’t exist. So, I highly recommend device and app.

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