When Nokia Labs Met Chargie: A Tale of a Bulging Battery and an Unexpected Hero

Here’s a Nokia 8.3 phone with its case popping off like an overfilled suitcase. The battery inside is looking like it’s ready to burst out. This particular phone comes straight from our friends over at Nokia Labs, the tech wizards who once were the #1 phone makers. Now phonemaking is not their #1 priority anymore, but they excel at other areas of mobile innovation, like 5G network development.

You see, they’ve been using a lot of Nokia phones for various tests and checks while developing 5G hardware, which means each and every phone they have is almost always plugged in and juiced up to 100% in a Faraday cage.

Over the last couple of years, they’ve had to switch out a few batteries because they started to swell up like balloons at a kid’s party.

When you’ve got a lab full of phones, battery replacement isn’t just a matter of popping out the old and in with the new. It takes time and resources, both of which could be better spent on innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology.

They’ve now found out about Chargie, our humble little device that’s going to save a lot of development Nokia phones, and we’re building a special version of the app just for them, so that it runs well on their test phones and still keeps the USB connection alive while charging (thus far called the Android Auto Mode). This will help the Chargie team understand the various scenarios a real world phone is subjected to and will make the app and device better for everyone!

Chargie is like a little guardian for your battery, making sure it doesn’t overexert itself by limiting the charge to about 80%, if battery is going to be used. Otherwise, 50% is the best charge level you want, if the phone is constantly plugged in. This neat trick will significantly cut down on the stress the battery experiences, slowing down its aging process, and keeping it fit and healthy for many years. In will also save money and recover the Chargie investment very quickly.

Here's to the 5G development heroes.

So, Nokia’s own Nokia 8.3, which is still going strong despite its battery issues, has a lot to teach us. It’s time to reconsider this habit for the sake of our batteries and our pockets.

With a Chargie charging limiter at your side, you’re investing in your phone’s health, extending its lifespan, and saving some cash on potential battery replacements. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that?

So let’s raise a glass to longer battery life and healthier phones. After all, don’t we all want our devices to keep on going for as long as possible? Here’s to a future of full connectivity and no more bulging batteries!

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