We've been invited to attend world's greatest science fair

As you may already know, it's hosted by ExCeL London and organized by the famous New Scientist magazine.

As exhibitors, we've received 20 tickets to the fair, so we've decided to give them for free to our most active customers.

This is what we’ve been thinking of:

2 Chargies = one-day ticket (£31.00 value)
3 Chargies = FOUR-day ticket (£103.00 value)
4 Chargies = two FOUR-day tickets (£206.00 value)

We have 10 of each, first come, first served. All tickets grant STANDARD entrance.

If your order is eligible, please leave a comment at checkout if you want one.

We will print the ticket and include it in your Chargie package.
Check out New Scientist Live’s website: https://live.newscientist.com/

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