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All battery manufacturers state that charging your phone to 100% and keeping it like this for 8 hours every night stresses the battery and shortens its lifespan.

Chargie is the only charging manager that will limit and delay the charging process until you actually wake up or need it charged when leaving the office. That way, its battery will live a much longer life and give you a great experience for many more years.

Basically, you’ll be able to make your phone wait at 50% throughout the night and pump power into it up to 90% in the morning. No other manufacturer-implemented battery protection techniques do that nowadays.

Chargie allows you to take precise control over your phone’s charging process and adjust it according to your exact schedule, not what the phone guesses about it.

The longer lifespan will allow you to recycle your device by donating it to someone in need (grandma, elder, kid etc) so that its net carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

Make sure your entire family has access to world’s first device that really does something to preserve the life of batteries. Save the money and carbon associated with transportation by buying bulk packs.

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    The science behind Chargie

    You paid $1000 for the latest Samsung smartphone, or even more for Apple’s current product. However, after a year, your phone’s battery will not charge as much as it did the first time, and this is not right, since the hardware is perfectly capable to serve you even after three years. 

    And if you’re the latest gadget buyer type, you’ll probably be selling the old one after buying the new phone, but with an 80% or less battery capacity remaining the money you’ll get will be considerably lower (if you can even sell it, at all).

    Every battery charge cycle takes away a bit of its energy storing capacity.

    Talking about the green aspect of premature battery death, it is obvious: recycling batteries is the next best thing to prolonging their initial life. So if you can hold on to a phone for 3 or 4 years, and after its useful period you somehow recycle or repurpose it instead of having it end in the trash, you’re a hero worth praising. Phones are small but potent computers nowadays, good for a plethora of tasks, even if manufacturers make us believe the opposite.

    Chargie™ has the solution to this

    A battery is just like a spring: you can push on it easily when it’s fully unloaded, but nearing the end of its charge, the force required becomes exponentially bigger with each millimeter. When this happens, it stresses the spring, mechanically, along with heat and induced material deformation. Repeated full charge reduces its effectiveness in the long run.

    This is what happens to lithium ion batteries every night you charge your phone. Your battery stays charged at 100% for 7 continuous hours, and in some cases even heats up as a consequence, which dramatically increases the damage.

    The $1500 phone, in as little as one year, can suffer significant battery degradation, while the actual hardware still has a long way from being obsolete.

    Chargie™ is a one-of-a-kind solution to the early death of batteries. All you need is the Chargie stick connected between your phone and your charger. Of course, you need to have the app installed, too. Just set the charge level you desire and let your phone juice up. When the percentage reaches the desired level, Chargie simply stops the current flow, externally, no matter what your phone is. This way, you will save your battery’s life because by not charging to 100% it will not degrade as much and will eliminate the risk of overheating and catching fire, like it’s been the case for a certain brand of phones a few years ago.

    However, if you know you’ll need a full charge the next day, set the level to 100% and Chargie will juice it up completely.

    So, all in all: 

    Apple recommends it:

    Tesla recommends charging up to 90% every night:

    Read more about charging cycles and the best way to preserve your phone at

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