1. Thank you for 2 delivered Chargie. 6 weeks of waiting was worth it. I even received the new version from Chargie for this. I have been looking for a way of charging gently for about 4 years. With the known APP and rooted Android, I didn’t make it. While looking for other options, I came across Chargie. I have a Xiaomi UmiZ and my wife an Honor 5 C. The app and Chargie work perfectly on both devices.
    The Bluetooth connection to the UmiZ is sometimes unstable when plugging in the charging cable, better with the Honor 5C. I use an 1.2 m long cable with a magnet. If the connection is established, however, it remains. Chargie establishes the connection himself, although the cell phones switch off BT in idle mode. The Chargie-APP is excluded from the battery optimization.
    A really small blemish is the large status display on the Chargie themselves. But that’s my opinion.
    Thanks to everyone who implemented the idea so well. Unfortunately I don’t have Facebook, but I really want to bring my praise to the trip.

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