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Why is this so important?

Charging is more or less like compressing a spring – the more you push it every time to the maximum, the more deformation you introduce and the spring will cease to do its normal route after a while.

This table, courtesy of Battery University, shows the direct link between discharge cycles and the voltage that your phone takes the battery to when charging.

Battery expert company Cadex says that keeping a lithium ion battery fully charged and at high temperature is even worse than cycling it (going from zero to 100%).

This information and our own experience with charging/discharging lithium ion batteries are the base for Chargie. 

The idea that limiting the charge to 90% can actually skyrocket the lifespan of the battery is one of the most exciting facts since the discovery of the lithium ion chemistry itself. 

Basically, you can reduce the need for throwing the phone or performing expensive repairs to it and also a significant downtime. Having it perform as new for many years to come is also exciting for the prospective buyer, who will get good working technology for a very good deal.

And this is also a win-win for the planet, since you will be prolonging the lifetime of an object, which will not go to recycling or worse, to a landfill (which happens realistically in most situations). Extending the life of a battery is a very, very green thing to do.

This wasn’t possible until a few years ago. Smartphone batteries were small enough not to allow a charge of less than 100% for practical reasons, but now phones last for a bit more than a day, even when used heavily, and you charge them at night anyway. So why not do the right thing and keep them healthy?

Proximity-activated Lamp Mode

Besides protecting the charging of your phone, Chargie can also turn on your USB lamp when you enter the room, or just about any other device powered by a USB socket.
Lamp mode


Features and Tech

Chargie relies on Bluetooth and a powerful 4.8A electronic switch to deliver current from the charger to the phone, and to stop it when the charge level has reached the desired value. 

Charge limiter

Charging your phone every night to 100% and keeping the battery like this for 8 hours is one of the main culprits behind early battery failure. We're here to change that.

Full Charge Hysteresis

When you still need your phone fully charged the next day, Chargie will fill your battery to 100% and then it performs a hysteresis by letting it discharge down to 95%, before charging to 100% again. This is a very good trade-off between battery damage and autonomy.

Strong plastic

We'll always be using the highest-quality plastics when manufacturing Chargie. Founder Edition is made from 3D-printed PLA, which is a corn-derived polymer.

Proximity activated lamp switch

In addition to charge protection, Chargie can also act as a smart switch for your USB lamps and devices like hard drives, flash drives and so on. Simply put, when you leave the room, the lamp turns itself off. When you come back - you've guessed it. You just have to carry your phone with you.

Silent switching

Large currents need large hardware. We equipped Chargie with a low-resistance electronic switch able to carry up to 4.8 amps instead of using noisy relays. If used properly, Chargie will last a lifetime.

OTA updates

Chargie uses a smartphone app to work. We'll be updating the app with more functions on the run, so pleasant surprises will arrive with each new version - for free, over the air.

Service & Warranty

Lifetime warranty

If you use it properly (don’t overload), Chargie will last a lifetime. However, should you have any issues, we’re here to help by repairing or replacing your defective unit.

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